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1. 訂單一經提交,即代表客人明白及接受圖片與實物存在顏色差異,一切以實物顏色作準,本店不會就色差問題退款、退貨或更換貨物。 2. 訂單一經提交 ,便無法作出修改或取消,請務必於下單前核實所有訂單資料。 3. 下單後將於10個工作天內發貨(海外地區及預訂貨品除外)。 4. 所有貨品一律售出後概不接受退款、退貨或更換貨物。 5. 我們將盡力確保網站庫存數量準確。若遇上貨品缺貨將會安排退款,唯訂單中其餘貨品(如適用)將無法取消或退款。 6. 客人購買前應考慮運送風險,運送期間如有損毀或遺失,客人需自行承擔損失。 7. 客人購買即代表同指定速遞公司關於快件派送的條款及細則。 7.1 如貨件寄出後收方未有在合理時間內取件或聯絡跟進快件,或者運輸公司無法聯絡上收方,收方將有機會被運輸公司收取存倉費、或快件被放棄、處置或變賣。 7.2 為確保客人的權益,如訂單發貨後一星期內仍未有收到快件,請儘快主動聯絡我們或運輸公司查詢快件狀況(預訂貨品除外)。 7.3 如因收方長期未取件/運輸公司無法聯絡上收方而導政快件報銷,本公司將不對此導致的任何損失或損害承擔責任。 7.4 有關寄往香港以外的商品,需自行繳付關稅、進口稅等銷售稅項及進口關務的手續費。 7.5 海關條例因不同的國家或地區而異,有關進口銷售稅項等事宜,請直接與當地的海關部門聯絡。 7.6 若因私人原因拒收包裹,包括拒付關稅及稅項、無法提供所需的文件或其他相關原因,本公司均不會為拒收訂單進行退款或重新投遞。 我們保留一切終止或更改上述之權利。如有任何爭議,我們的決定將是最終及具決定性。 1. Upon submission of an order, the customer understands and accepts that there is a color difference between the picture shown and the actual product. No refunds, returns, or exchanges will be accepted for items with color difference issues. 2. Upon submission of an order, no modifications or cancellations can be made. Please be sure to verify all information before placing an order. 3. Orders will be shipped within 10 working days (except overseas regions and pre-order items). 4. No refunds, returns, or exchanges will be accepted after orders have been processed. 5. Accuracy of website inventory will be ensured to the best of our ability. Should an item be out of stock, a refund will be arranged, but no cancellations or refunds will be accepted for remaining items in the same order (if applicable). 6. Customers should consider all shipping risks before placing an order. The customer shall bear the cost of any damages or loss during delivery. 7. Placing an order means that customer accepts the terms and conditions of the designated courier company. 7.1 If the recipient fails to pick up the parcel or contact the courier to follow-up within a reasonable time after the order is shipped, or if the courier company fails to contact the recipient, the courier company may charge the recipient storage fees, forfeit or resell the parcel. 7.2 To protect the rights and interests of the customer, if you have not received the parcel within one week after the order is placed, please contact us or the courier company as soon as possible to check the status of the shipment (except for pre-ordered goods). 7.3 If the recipient fails to pick up the parcel for an extended period of time or if the courier company is unable to contact the recipient, the parcel may be forfeited and our company will not be liable for any loss or damages. 7.4 For items to be sent to regions outside of Hong Kong, the customer is responsible for settling customs charges, import taxes, sales taxes, and import customs handling fees. 7.5 Customs regulations vary depending on country or region. Please contact the local customs department for matters regarding import sales tax. 7.6 If the package is rejected for personal reasons, including refusal to pay duties and taxes, failure to provide required documents, or other related reasons, our company will not offer refunds or re-delivery for the rejected order. We reserve all rights to terminate or modify the above. In case of any dispute, our decision will be final and conclusive.